These are the epic tales of the Robin Hood pirate, Captain Iain Bryce and his crew. 
Join the captain and his crew, Phoenix Enclave, as they blast around the universe trying thelp the poor and oppressed and keep from getting captured by the Confederational Regime in this action packed adventure,  romance series with a sci-fi twist.

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** Newest in series **

Reckoning of a BrimTier Pirate, Part 11

The Crew of Phoenix enclave have all endured much over the last few months, and are now facing the consequences of their actions. Some of the crew find themselves needing to reaffirm their place in the pirate world, their dedication to the cause, and to each other; others are beginning to accept their place in it.

In this look into the lives of BrimTier Pirates: Captain Iain Bryce and Master Jaime Cable each face a reckoning of their owns: one on a more personal level, the other against their greatest enemy. Can they do what is needed to vanquish their demons?

Reader Review

LISA J COMSTOCK, I AM MORE THAN UPSET WITH YOU. That last big thing at the end of book four? The thing with Leigh? Leigh as in the pirate who is slowly starting to become my favorite? Oh yeah! THAT THING. ...I. WAS. BAWLING. Totally not cool. The thumbs up to each other was what did it. I bawled like a baby. Pleaseee. Pleaseee. PLEASE don't do it again? okayy? ♥ by the way, loved the book. (: .

- Kristen L. Walpole, NH Dec. 2010